Microblading is a very meticulous process that takes two to three hours. Since the results will take up to two years, it is important for the technician to pay attention to detail.

Why microblading quebec? A few years ago, the eyebrows were very thin and then the women started to paint them to give a more populated effect. But painting your eyebrows every day can be tedious and time consuming, so the final paint treatments are in fashion.

Features of microblading quebec

  • Permanent makeup is made with pigments, during hair simulation.
  • This lasts for at least 8 months, through sessions the semi-permanent make-up touches are made.
  • The makeup used is not toxic to the skin, even a tolerance test is performed.
  • Not only can the eyebrows be tattooed, but also the contour of the lips and the eye area.

An allergy test of 24 to 48 hours before performing microblading treatment is essential to eliminate and not to reduce the risk of allergic reaction. It’s a question of safety and health. This is the test of tolerance and most people pass it, however almost always has to do with the type of pigment that is being used, remember that they can be organic and inorganic.

Not all candidates have successfully completed this beauty treatment. Estiticistas are therefore insured by a tolerance test. Take into account that the allergy may be due to the fact that they used chemical pigments. So you can try organic pigments to see if it works.

The first hour at least, measurements will be made and the shape of the eyebrow will be drawn with a fine pencil with flat ends. This is the longest and most important part. Meanwhile, the best and personalized way is chosen for each customer.

The idea is that with the professional, choose if it is the drawing you are looking for in the outline of your eyes and draw an outline of the eyebrows.

Before starting the microblading in Quebec, a topical anesthetic cream is applied to the area to eliminate discomfort, followed by anesthetic gel. The correct combination of anesthetics will completely eliminate any slight discomfort and the process will be completely painless.

While the eyebrow is tattooed, the client feels a slight discomfort without becoming painful. The eyebrow will then be painted in an intense color. Bear in mind that this tone is not definitive and that with the passage of two weeks you will see the final result of the microblading.