The PORTA DERM is distinguished by its portability.

Its small size is particularly suitable for technicians who start their business or goes to their customers. It comes with a box adapted for traveling and easy storage.

Its ergonomic interface allows an adjustment of the power of the motor according to the regions to be treated. The device also works with 9 sizes of needle cartridges.

For a more natural and refined results !

Thanks to the advanced technology of Perform’Art, the dermopigmentation devices take a new turn. Provided with an integrated micro-computer, the Perform’Art instruments allow a regular and stable control of the speed as well as the movement of the needle.

These revolutionary devices, designed and developed by Perform’Art, allow to obtain absolute precision and amazing results. No other device on the market offers as much flexibility and potential.

Only made of high quality materials, the housings are entirely made of aluminum. Robust and durable, they perfectly meet the highest standards and meet CE normes.

Le maquillage semi-permanent est une technique offrant de nombreux bienfaits. Parfois l’opération est souvent vécue comme une expérience douloureuse, et ce, malgré la diversité des appareils sur le marché qui se définissent comme étant «sans douleur». Des utilisateurs potentiels ont ainsi peur de se lancer et des professionnels abandonnent parfois le métier.

Les appareils actuellement présents  sur le marché utilisent des mécanismes à ressorts qui sont instables. C’est la cause principale de la douleur et des problèmes de cicatrisation. Les mécanismes rotatifs n’ont aucune force d’impact à basse vitesse, il faut donc augmenter la vitesse de voltage pour obtenir une
force de frappe, résultat d’une insertion douloureuse et irrégulière des traits effectués.

La technologie le TRAIT D’ART© vient pallier cette situation avec un mécanisme  plus stable et un tracé plus  précis quasiment sans besoin de retouche durant l’opération. Depuis sa mise en marché, elle a permis à bon nombre d’esthéticiennes de poursuivre leur pratique en maquillage semi-permanent et pigmentation réparatrice.

Performance quality and innovation : the dermograph is a true revolution !

A revolution in the field of aesthetic, medical, and artistic pigmentation : the dermograph, with its patented mechanism that offers unprecedented precision!

Less pain and better results: satisfied customers

It is thanks to the accuracy of the movement of the needle that it out-performs any device in its field on the market. Accuracy that allows smooth insertion and removal, without damaging the skin. The mechanism of the needle is so precise that the procedures are now practiced with much less pain, until the elimination of anesthesia in most cases.

Better stability: quality of the finish

With the stability of the dermograph, we get a regular line without splashing. The weight of the device has been developed to allow a hand stability during the procedure, to produce more impact without bringing too much insertion pressure, and thus allow a regularity of the pigmentation lines.

The advantage of the hand-piece
  • Ideal weight
  • Possibility of using different needles
  • High quality materials
Proven improvement
  • Gently insertion of the needle
  • Accuracy of movement
  • Inapparent healing
  • Exceptional reduction of pain
  • Precision of pigmentation lines
  • Without splash

The Porta Derm device

Discover our semi-permanent makeup device designed with our revolutionary technology for a painless treatment.

The needle cartridges

Sterile disposable cartridges with 9 sizes of adapted points for the type of procedure and the regions to treat…

The Perma'Art pigments

Conceived with a good color stability for a lasting effect and compatible with our devices.