Less painful than the competition


Here is our high technology device, integrating the most elevated innovation to this day. It includes and works with the demographer with 9 sizes of needle cartridges, to meet the different needs of the clients. Its digital interface and touchscreen allows to select the program depending on the makeup regions you are doing. The device is made to function with two demographers simultaneous to easily change colors.

The semi-permanent makeup technique offering many benefits. Sometimes it is often lived as a painful experience,and this , despite of the diversity of the devices on the market define themselves as being painless .The potential users are afraid to go for it and professionals sometimes leave the profession.
The devices presently on the market uses a mechanisms that has springs and are unstable. That is the principle cause of pain and healing problems . The rotating  mechanisms has no  impact of any strength at low speed ,we have to increase the voltage rate to get a striking force, result of a painful insertion and irregular lines of conduct.

Technology TRAIT D’ART© comes to migrate this situation with a more stable mechanism and a more precise layout almost without need for retouching during the operation. Since its setting in market, it made it possible to a good amount of aestheticians to continue their practice in semi-permanent makeup and pigmentation repair.

The device advantages
  • Quality and reliability of the device
  • Increased performance of the device
  • Reputation in network
  • Quebec manufacturing, quality guarantee
Improvements proved
  • 80% less pain
  • Exceptional quality of skin puncture
  • Inapparent  healing
  • Remarkable decrease of retouching
  • Fewer colors of releases as healing
  • Precision during work
  • No pigment splash during the tracing
  • Best experience of the client
  • Increased sales of semi permanent makeup

Quality performance and innovation :

the dermographe is a real revolution !

A revolution in the field of the aesthetic pigmentation, medical and artistic : the dermographe with its patented mechanism that offers a precision never seen !

Less pain and better results : satisfied clients

This is because of the accuracy of the needle movement which surpasses any device in its field  on the market. A accuracy that allows insertion and smooth removal, without damaging the skin. The mechanism is so precise that the interventions are now practiced with less pain up to elimination of anesthesia in most cases.

Better stability : finishing quality

With the dermographes stability we obtain a regular line ,without splash. The weight of the device has been develop for more stability of the hand during the procedure, to produce more impact without making to much insertion pressure, therfore enabling smoother pigment lines.

Advantages of the hand piece
  • Ideal weight
  • Possibility of different needles
  • High quality materials
Improvements proved
  • Softly inserting the Needle
  • Accuracy of motion
  • Unapparent healing
  • Exectional reduction of the pain
  • Precision of the pigmentation lines
  • No splashing

The Fine Liner device

Discover our semi-permanent makeup devices designed with our revolutionary technology for a painless treatment.

The needle cartridges

The sterile disposable cartridges, with 9 sizes of adapted points for the types of procedures and regions to treat…

The Perform 'Art Pigments

Conceived with a good color stability for a lasting effet and compatible with our devices.

What our clients say

I wanted to testify how the device and the technique of Perform ‘Art  has completely redefined the semi- permanent makeup for me. I don’t waste my time managing pain and to apply anesthetic that dilutes the pigments. I have my confidence back after a day of a private upgrading course. Since the beginning of my change of technique and device, I really appreciate your availability to give me advice.
Josée M.

Beautiful presentation, this is supported by facts. Since I am working with your device, for plenty of years now, my results are exceptional. No swelling little or no retouching to do. Thank you and congratulation. Linda Villeneuve

My story started 4 years ago. At that moment I was working with a German’s latest technology device. I was experiencing some trouble, that gave me the taste to abandon everything. Firmly believing that I was working with the best technology offered on the market, I attributed my difficulties with my experience. So one day, when I came across pictures of eyebrows that was create with your device. I said to myself « And if it was not me the problem?And if it was the device ?» After a few days of reflection, I decided to communicate with you, to try your device and as a matter of fact take advantage to improve my techniques. At the moment, I had no expectations, I was rather perplexed about the advantages enumerated of the device, which seems exaggerated to the limit. I was very surprised to discover that all what you said about your device was true ! I made eyebrows without anesthetic ana my client was very confortable. The hairs were very well defined, even after complete healing. No need to tell you, when I came back home I did not want to work with my device, I had no choice, my success depended on the dermopigmentation… For over 1 year and a half now I only work with your device and I am totally satisfied. More, I never had any mechanical problem with the device, which has not been the case previously.
Julie Guillemette