The proper way to name the technique is :
semi-permanent makeup.

Why ?

Many names are employed such as, semi-permanent makeup, permanent makeup or dermopigmentation, but the technique stays the same. The method is used exclusively by graduated technicians and allows accentuate facial features, to remedy to very fine or sparse eyebrows, by the hair by hair. Improves the sagging contour of the lips, and to repigment inside the lips giving a youthful look and to create an effect for extensions or more round eyes. On the other, this process permits to correct the skin imperfections by using a color related to your skin color giving a unapparent illusion.
The evolution of the mechanism develop by Perform’Art highers the standards and sublime results, for the biggest pleasure of all. The best experience ever, for the beautician and her clients.

The precision level that the device offers ensures the quality of insertion of the color which avoids damage on the skin.





For a semi-permanent makeup

more natural and refined !

Choose your technician carefully and inform yourself about the device that she uses and the training or degrees that she has. Our cutting edges devices will make you live a better experience of the semi-permanent makeup and will provide you with natural results and higher  finishined quality.