Pigments manufactured in our laboratory offering a quality assurance


Pigments for dermopigmentation

Respecting the Canada Health standards, our pigments are made with a highly concentrated powder from synthetic or natural origins (mineral or organic).

The shades are calibrated to allow the best possible stability according to the complexion of the skin. Several colors are available in order to offer the best possible selection depending on the area of ​​the face or skin needing the insertion of color. Our colors are also manufactured in our laboratory, in Quebec, and our processes meet the required standards, as well as rigourous hygiene.

Perform’Art pigment quality control aims to continuously achieve shade stability. The goal is to ensure that our pigments, following the exfoliation of the skin over several years, allow the color to fade gradually, without needing to camouflage it.

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A complete care line :

The Perma' Art© pigments

A full color chart, with good color stability for lasting effect.

Pre-treatment products

To prepare the client and to ensure maximun comfort during treatment.

The post-treatment products

For the maintenance of permanent makeup at all times.
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The Perma 'Art pigments

Designed with a good color stability for a durable effect and compatible with our devices.
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The devices

Discover our permanent makeup devices, designed with our revolutionary technology for a painless treatment : The Fine Liner, The Porta Derm, and the Demograph.
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The needle cartridges

Sterile and single use cartridges, with 9 sizes of adapted points for the type of procedures and regions to treat…