The microdermabrasion is a facial care more and more in demand.

The microdermabrasion gives more spectacular results making the skin smoother, glowing and younger looking.

Perform’Art distinguishes itself by developing high quality, efficient and effective devices manufactured in Quebec that meet the expectations of professional aesthetics.

The Mini-Elite device, in portable size, is equipped with diamond tips and offers the possibility of infusion of products.

More, Perform’Art offers aesthetics professionals in customized  training in microdermabrasion.

Mini-Elite Device

Discover our microdermabrasion with its diamond tips made with our revolutionary technology for a spectacular result.

The concentrated serums

The concentrated serums with unique formulas made to offer to our aesthetics professionals  solutions with results particularly durable…

The care products

or cabinet or resale, with regenerating anti aging  properties thanks to the natural metabolic factors present in the formula…