The Micro-needling system : an ergonomic interface!

The Micro-needling device


Advantages of the device
  • 80% less painful than any other clinical process for rejuvenation
  • Enjoy the technical without skin damage, covering all parts completly
  • 2in1 micro-perforation action and simultaneous serum diffusion.
  • 200x higher absorption of care products.
  • Results without healing time and without damage to the skin
  • Safe treatment adapted to all types and skin tones
  • Almost unapparent healing
  • Nice experience for the client
Treated problems
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Alopecia
  • Pigment spots
  • Stretch Marks
  • Loss of capillary density
The needles unit


  • Micro Diameter Needle Module (12pcs)
  • Made according to the requirements of Perform’Art
  • Surgical steel needles
  • Point of needles of constant quality

Intensify the effectiveness of a serum for the skin, without pain!

The evolution of the mechanism developed by Perform’Art makes it possible to perforate the skin without any damage. The quality and precision of the device ensure a better customer experience, without scars, and especially in pain.

The Perform’Art technology that makes up the Jouventude device infuses a serum into the perforation. More and more sought after, this technique exceeds the standards to also offer the correction of several skin abnormalities.

The hand piece : another technological evolution of Perform’Art!

The hand-piece is composed of a needle unit, which receives the selected serum tube, according to the desired treatment. The micro-needles are provided with orifices to allow infusion of the serum during insertion of the needles.

By marking it on the handpiece, it shows the desired depth. The patented mechanism offers unprecedented precision; everything is in the accuracy of the movement of the needle, for a smooth insertion and removal, without damaging the skin.

The mechanism of the needle is so precise that the procedures are performed without pain in the vast majority of cases, thus avoiding anesthesia.

  • Quality of perforation of the skin
  • Visible adjustment according to the desired depth
  • Performs almost without anesthesia
  • Treatment covering the entire face without tearing
  • Treatment done by sliding on the skin
  • Healing almost unapparent
  • Infusion of serum at the same time
  • Robust materials
  • Made in Canada

Discover the Jouventude device in action.

Jouventude device

Discover our device designed for micro-needling treatment to infuse a serum into the perforation.

The needles unit

Discover our module of needles allowing the infusion of serum, adaptable with the Jouventude device.

Concentrated serum

Designed with good chromatic stability for a lasting effect and compatible with our devices.