Perform ‘Art inc, manufacturer of devices for pigmentation, to the original owner .Guarantees against defects of parts and manufacturing, including the cost of labour for 2 years and 1 year on the hand-piece ( dermograph ) from the date of delivery. The labour costs for a replacement or

Moreover, no material will be accepted at our factory for repair or replacement on guarantee without an authorization number to request a return by Perform ‘Art Inc.

The responsibiliy for all damages incurred during transport will be assumed by the customer and in return, the customer will claim the carrier for the damages. For all guaranteed items, the transportation will be shipped ( prepaid ) at our factory. The transportation costs are the client’s responsibility and at their own expense.

That guarantee is void and inapplicable for all devices that have been repaired or modified in any way by anyone else than Preform ‘Art or one of their authorized agents, within our opinion by its functioning or reliability. the guarantee will not be applicable if the device was damaged due to an accident, abuse  or improper usage.

Limited warranty :

the guarantee excludes ( IF ) :

Improper use that is not conforming with the manual, in case of fall, breakage , vandalism , etc…

The device has been opened, or water damaged

The device has been disassembled in a workshop not authorized by Perform ‘Art .

If it has been used in a intense and excessive way.

If it was plugged into a power surce not provided with the device.

The Perform ‘Art’s responsabilities are excluded  if precautions for use indicated in this notice was not particulary respected.

Working close to heat or water.

Motor or power plugging that is wet .

Device that was left plugged in without being used.

Reusing  soiled cartriges.

This list is not exclusive and any use of the device that is not in conformity with this list  will invalidate the guarantee  with Perform ‘Art .