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What is the difference between a permanent makeup and a (semi) permanent makeup ?

It is the same technique ,its the appellation that differs according to each region/country some us the term PERMANENT since the remains of the particules in the skin even after many years . It is advisable to refresh the colo after 2 or 3 years that is why the term (SEMI) PERMANENT is more appropriated .

A pigment more fixing (liquid) has more allergy risks and the change in color density is very .

A more natural creamy pigment will blend year after years

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What do I suggest to my client before the lips pigmentation if she is subject to cold sores ?

VALTREXX, capsules before the pigmentation according to the doctor’s recommendations.

Can be prescribed by a doctor or certain pharmacists

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If there is edema of the eyes could I continue my pigmentation ?

NO , It would be very hard for the pigment to penetrate and a very high risk of getting a leaky pigment on the skin .

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What products can I use if having edema of the eyes ?

Blueberry water has a decongestant effect

Instructions for use : Soak on 2×2 gauzes and apply on the area .

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Should I do allergy testing before (semi)permanent makeup ?

Following questions asked to your client,there is a allergy risk ,it would be better to do testing for the pigments and the anaesthetics .

Instructions : You could apply under the right ear a small quantity of anaesthetic and under the left ear 1 or 2 strokes of pigmentation with pigment  you choose .

Wait 24 hours .

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After how many treatments will I see a difference??

Even after the first treatment ,we see a brightening of the complexion . But to have a important difference all depending on the care from 4 -8 treatments are recommended.

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What serum do I have to use for fine lines and wrinkles

The COLLAGEXX is formulated for fine lines ,wrinkles and stretch marks

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What is the cost of a micro-needling treatment ??

The cost vary between 200.00$ to 250.00$ per treatment,but buy purchasing of a care a reduction may be applied or a additional care can be added

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Can I use the microdermabrasion before the micro-needling

YES The treatment will be more effective because there will be peeling before the treatment and the penetration of the products will be more profitable .

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Can I use the same needle for all my micro-needling treatments ??

NO The needle unit is for a single usage ,after one treatment the tapering spikes are not as accurate .

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How to clean my Jouventude device ??

2 Blue bottles are furnished with your purchase .

1 bottle for demineralized water : Between each change of serum , insert the bottle of demineralized water on the serum holder for better circulation and cleaning the anterior product .

2 Cleaning bottle : After 8 to 12 treatments ,make penetrate 1/4 of cleaner in the pump and after 1/4 of demineralized water to assure a complet cleaning .


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Can I go in the sun or in a tanning booth after a micro-needling treatment ?

One of the contraindication of that care is DO NOT go in the sun or tanning booth after the treatment .

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The micro-needling treatment is it suitable for all skin types ?

All the skins types can have the treatment

Contraindications :

Rosacea and acne-prone skin

Skin having doubtful abnormalities ( beauty mole or skin disease )

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Is the treatment painful ?

Depending on the treated region , a certain discomfort can be perceived ,an anesthetic cream is applied before the treatment for a person that is more sensitive .

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AT what frequency should I do a micro-needling treatment

Twice a year ( fall and spring )

A cure of 4 to 8 treatment are suggested according desired results . A three -week interval between each treatment .

While taking the cure : After your treatment for the 3 first days :

Clean face morning / night with BEAUTEXX cleaning gel.

Each morning apply BEAUTEXX cream with a bit of CICADERM for 3 days for maximum hydration .

After 3 days use all products without cicaderm .

After the cure : A care at home is suggested with th trans-needle and the appropriated serum ,twice a week .


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How deep is the needle insertion ?

It depends of the treated area and sensitivity ,of 0.3 mm to 2 mm on the body .

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How to insert a needle unit ?

Close well the ajustement of the hand-piece

Enter the needle tip ( making sure having a good hold of the end-piece) till a click is heard .

Take off the end-piece and aim the needle .

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