Do you know what microblading pigments are? The technique of filling microincisions with ink has been practiced for millennia, but eyebrow microblading became popular 25 years ago in Asia, and two or three years ago in Canada.

Putting the words “microblading pigments” in Google gives really surprising results, including cases of women and men before and after the microblading and you will be surprised to see that the results can be impressive.


Treatment with microblading pigments

The microblading pigments that are inorganic with mineral base, are hypoallergenic, thus reducing any risk during the insertion of said pigment in the epidermis of the skin, and the possibility of suffering allergic reactions during or after the Microblading treatment.

So they are the most recommended, however there are pigments that are not natural and are widely used in the market, as long as it does not cause allergies, it is possible to achieve great results with this alternative that is kinder to the pocket.


A blade impregnated with the selected microblading pigment, slides with a gentle pressure through the eyebrow area, causing a fine cut where the pigment that looks like the texture of a real hair is inserted, thus creating a very eyebrow-like appearance natural.

You can also use this technique with the appropriate pigments to thicken or darken the natural shape of the eyebrows, giving them a more sensual shape and giving an eye appeal characteristic of the eyebrow Microblading treatment.

The strokes achieved with this technique are very clear, there are no spills of the pigment, it is all precision. The pigment blends with the tone of the skin and hair, giving the eyebrows a natural and attractive look.

The main difference with tattoos is that in this case the pigment is deposited in the epidermis – the outermost layer of the skin, while the ink of the tattoos reaches deeper layers. This implies that although the micro-blending is described as “permanent makeup”, the ink usually lasts a year, after which it is necessary to retouch.

Another difference is that after the application of the microblading pigments the result is really strong, so people tend to think that the tone was not right, however with the passing of days, the tone goes down and then you can See the final natural aspect. In the case of the tattoo ink, the tone remaining on the skin is the final one.