Leader in Canada in products of transdermal aesthetic care.

Devices for permanent makeup, micro-needling and microdermabrasion, providers of associated products and its specialized care.


Our anti-wrinkle and anti-aging skincare line is effective to fade wrinkles, fine lines and to restore the firmness of the skin of the face, while giving a youthful skin.
A care line concentrated in active ingredients, to use alone or in combination with
Micro-needle treatments.

Beautexx Cream, Beautexx Serum, Beautexx Eye Contour


Another one of our brand new products : the Hair Kit !

This kit of products makes it possible to stimulate the capillary bulb and to generate a more robust growth of the hair. The hair is renewed more quickly and remains better anchored on the scalp.

Kit content : Capillary Stimulant (serum), Transneedle, Nettoyant antiseptique.


Shea butter Lightening Cream is designed as an anti-aging cream that fights naturally and non-aggressively the stains due to the action of the sun and aging of the skin. It gives the skin a smooth, smooth and satiny complexion.

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For a better product penetration in the skin

Face cleansing gel

Preserves the hydrolipidic balance of the skin

Regenerating Mask

Firms, tones and remineralizes the skin

Exfoliating gel

Gently exfoliates, refines the grain of the skin and purifies it

Made in Canada for safer devices and products.

Perform’Art is a Canadian company in constante evolution who was able to revolutionize the techniques and aesthetic devices currently on the market, by developing with very high precision  patented devices for the beauticians and clinical aesthetics.

The cutting edges of technologie, these devices for facial care for treatments never unevened for aesthetic care.

The rigorous accuracy and with absolute unevened results by working with our Perform’Art device improves the reputation of permanent  makeup by offering a painless treatment precise and durable.

In constant development Perform’Art is constantly searching to continue to innovate in the manufacture of there machines ,needles and pigments plus offering high quality training to the professional aesthetics .Perform’Art is also part of the Quebec association for the professionals in electrolysis and aesthetic care .

Devices for permanent makeup, micro-needle, microdermabrasion and supplier of products associated with its specialized care


Make up imperfections


Treat and rejuvenate the skin


Correct imperfections




• without surgery

• without pain

• without damage

The TRAIT D’ART © for high performance transdermal care without skin damage.

A revolutionary technology

A patented mechanism, unique in the world for treatments without damaging the skin and offering a painless experience.

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